Sep. 25, 2008

Stunned Amazed Perplexed...

... thank you, thank you, thank you (to be continued a million times, at least ;-)

Don't know how I got lucky enough to have some people believe in me that much, but I'm very grateful! The last week has been a rollercoaster ride (with a lot of bad press regarding Lance's comeback in large parts of Europe, including my home country of Germany, I'm afraid; but also the wonderful mail I received from a mentor friend, a beautiful post about my fundraising efforts by my honorary soul sister, and now this...), it really proves that some people do believe in team work!

I know I'll be following my dream and working even harder to make cancer a global priority, no matter what some people may say, write or post! Sometimes, being stubborn really comes in handy ;-)


Obsessedwithlife said...

You rock, girl!

Anonymous said...

I would think the folks who donated are also pretty amazing people too, "Ms. Obsessed".

Henrike said...

I didn't do much, really. It's all about the people who believed in me and most of all believed in supporting a great cause- so THEY ROCK!

They know who they are- and I hope they know how thankful I am to know them and call them friends!