Sep. 10, 2008

Inspirational corner

My little inspirational/ motivational corner where most of my "getting back in shape"-training takes place at the moment:


Michael said...

I'm honored that:

a) a link to my blog has made it to your blog page in the form of a picture

b) that 'the mouse medal' is part of your inspirational corner

You ROCK Henrike!!!

With another ten folks like you in the world cancer would be cured in a decade and every patient out there battling the disease would know they would beat it.

Thank you for being my friend.

Henrike said...

I love that medal- hopefully it'll be joined by a finisher's medal of my own in 1 1/2 - 2 years (I'm taking my time getting ready for it, though).

Thank you so much for everything you do- you're truely inspirational (there's a picture of you and me from last years's Challenge in that corner, too) and a great friend!

I'm glad you don't mind that I "stole" the picture from your blog ;-)