Mar. 29, 2009

Jamie's skydive (Orange ROCKS)

I met Jamie at the LIVESTRONG summit in Columbus, Ohio last year. He was one of our track leaders for the Orange grassroots and advocacy track (Orange ROCKS, Livestrong), and a constant source of energy and motivation.

Jamie's father passed away after battling brain cancer for twenty-two years. Jaime himself was diagnosed with Stage 4b lymphoma in March of 2007.

He celebrated his 2 year cancerversary by jumping out of an airplane. It's his return to life...

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Mar. 16, 2009

Game on, cancer....

Just watched the newest LIVESTRONG Challenge video... so many familiar faces of people I'm lucky enough to call friends.

We need to challenge cancer until nobody needs to suffer and/or die from this horrible disease, anymore. Pick a fight with cancer today and support those who are currently in treatment and those who are in their final stages of their lives.