Sep. 22, 2008

A monumental challenge

I don't believe in violence or war, but I do believe in the global war against cancer.
Cancer is a global enemy.
We lose 2 Europeans and 1 American to cancer every single minute.


This is a monumental challenge and the results will affect each of us.
On October 25th, I will do a 5k run in downtown Austin.
On October 26th, I will do a 45 mile cycling ride around Dripping Springs.
I have a shirt and a jersey to wear.

What's missing is the names of cancer survivors/warriors/angels/caregivers to do this ride and walk in honor/in support/in honor of. What's missing is the names of the people that are the reasons we're all participating in this challenge.

So, if you make a donation to my LAF fundraising account and send me the name of someone you'd like me to walk or ride for, I'll wear a card during the challenge and mail that card to you afterwards. No donation is too small- every donation will make a difference and will help to save lives. Just give as much as you can!

We're often told that a single person can't make that much of a difference.
It might be your donation and your $$$ that will get us a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Don't think about donating later- do it now! Make a difference now! Donate now!
'Cause what are we waiting for?

For those of you who can't make a donation but would like me to run or ride for a loved one, please contact me and I'll include you and/or your loved ones during the event and will e-mail you the card later on.

This is the global fight against cancer- this is the war against cancer I support from the bottom of my heart and the surface of my skin. Will you join me?

Contact me: LSArmyEurope[at]

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