Oct. 30, 2008

Health Update

Some of you might wonder how I am doing and why the hell I got wrapped around an iron fence. I will write another post once I'm feeling a little better. But don't you worry. I have a head injury (18 stitches), a concussion, and the right side of my body is bruised and swollen. I strongly resemble Frankenstein at the moment, but other than that I was really lucky- no permanent injuries, no eye injury, a negative ct scan, and I'm back at home to recover.

More to follow soon!

Oct. 16, 2008

German public TV to suspend live coverage of the Tour de France

The 2 German public broadcasting stations ARD & ZDF announced today that they'd suspend live coverage of the Tour de France "until further notice", following the newest doping scandal involving B. Kohl, who was supposed to be part of the "new generation" of clean cyclists. Both station will continue to cover the Tour in their sport reports and the regular news, but that will only be a fraction of their usual coverage of approx. 90 hours. Private TV channel "Eurosport" is expected to continue TV coverage of the Tour in 59 countries, including Germany.

There are reports that the Tour of Germany will be cancelled next year following the latest happenings. The "Hofbräu 6 days" of Stuttgart are already scrapped.

The perception of professional cycling is at an all-time low. Everyone was hoping for a new generation of cyclists, who'd be smart and clean (even if that would mean that there weren't any new records), but it seems like some people just never learn.

Will banning the Tour de France coverage have an impact on the fight against doping? Patrice Clerc, Chairman of the Tour de France organizers replied to a similar issue last July: "it seems paradoxical to punish the Tour, which leads in the fight against cheating."

France has took the lead in the fight against doping- cyclists who will ride the Tour in 2009 know that their blood tests will probably be tested again and again whenever new tests for banned substances are approved.

For me, it would make much more sense to appreciate their efforts in the fight against doping and force other races, like the Giro in Italy to follow the same strict rules. The Tour de France organizers are on the right track- now others need to follow their lead, including other sports, like soccer, football, baseball, track & field, swimming, etc. It's about time for cheaters to be caught, in order to let the real and worthy "heroes" step into the well-deserved spotlight!

Oct. 15, 2008

Lots to do, so little time...

The first weeks of a new university term are usually pretty hectic- people try to find classes that'll fit their schedule, you try to figure out how to transfer a class that you already passed into your new bachelor statistics, you get to meet a lot of new professors and students, and the days never seem to be long enough to fit all of that into the first week.

Now, add to that that I'm trying to get some training for the upcoming LIVESTRONG Challenge done. I know it shouldn't be that hard- after all I'm only doing the 45 miles, but the stress combined with bad weather and being a thyroid patient (who is doing pretty good at the moment) add a few challenges along the way. I talked to my professors yesterday, and they gave me the go ahead to take a couple of days off in order for me to be able to go to Austin- I guess they're used to students who miss a class without even mentioning it- so they seemed pretty astonished that I'd tell them about it. Of course, they expressed their concerns about the current developments in pro-cycling, but were open-minded enough to listen to my reasons for participating and wishing me the best of luck in accomplishing my goals with both fundraising and strengthening our local Army group.

If anyone is doing the 45 mile ride and wants to form a group to ride with, please get in touch.

Back to figuring out my schedule ;-)

Oct. 8, 2008

Congratulations, Michael, on finishing your cross-country trek!