Oct. 30, 2008

Health Update

Some of you might wonder how I am doing and why the hell I got wrapped around an iron fence. I will write another post once I'm feeling a little better. But don't you worry. I have a head injury (18 stitches), a concussion, and the right side of my body is bruised and swollen. I strongly resemble Frankenstein at the moment, but other than that I was really lucky- no permanent injuries, no eye injury, a negative ct scan, and I'm back at home to recover.

More to follow soon!


Dee said...


I hope you feel better soon.

Obsessedwithlife said...

WOW-i had no idea. Hope you are ok. Lots of prayers!


rensselaer80 said...

Did it happen here or once you got back? Hope you are feeling better soon.


Henrike said...

It happened at mile 1.3 into the ride (can you believe it? First bike crash ever and it has to happen at the Challenge!?)

I'll post a few pictures when I'll feel a little better. Back to the doctor tomorrow- thank you all for your comments!

Brian Dowd said...

Sending you all the best and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Just found out it was you while looking for something else. We sure hope you recover quickly.

Allis and Bob Sega