Oct. 15, 2008

Lots to do, so little time...

The first weeks of a new university term are usually pretty hectic- people try to find classes that'll fit their schedule, you try to figure out how to transfer a class that you already passed into your new bachelor statistics, you get to meet a lot of new professors and students, and the days never seem to be long enough to fit all of that into the first week.

Now, add to that that I'm trying to get some training for the upcoming LIVESTRONG Challenge done. I know it shouldn't be that hard- after all I'm only doing the 45 miles, but the stress combined with bad weather and being a thyroid patient (who is doing pretty good at the moment) add a few challenges along the way. I talked to my professors yesterday, and they gave me the go ahead to take a couple of days off in order for me to be able to go to Austin- I guess they're used to students who miss a class without even mentioning it- so they seemed pretty astonished that I'd tell them about it. Of course, they expressed their concerns about the current developments in pro-cycling, but were open-minded enough to listen to my reasons for participating and wishing me the best of luck in accomplishing my goals with both fundraising and strengthening our local Army group.

If anyone is doing the 45 mile ride and wants to form a group to ride with, please get in touch.

Back to figuring out my schedule ;-)


Michael said...

Have a great time in Austin!

Mind those cattle guards on the Sunday Livestrong Challenge Ride (remember, there are two in a row at one point, right after a curve, about 15 miles into the route).

Say "Hello" to everyone for Patricia and me down in ATX.

Henrike said...

Of course, I'll say hi to everyone. Oh, and I'll have your names on my jersey, so you will be included in some way! Thank you so much for all the support along the way! You're the best (both you and Patricia)!

I almost forgot about those cattle guards, thanks for reminding me.