Nov. 12, 2008

Health update II

I had to visit my surgeon after some neck problems and just started my physical therapy for Grade 2 Whiplash- massage and fango treatments, which sounds nice, but with all the bruises and swelling and the headaches, it's really tough to get through.

I should be back to normal in about 4-6 weeks. The scar is healing nicely (on my right forehead, 18 stitches) and all my doctors were really impressed - I guess, I was lucky to have an ER doctor who did a really great job with stitching me up.

I'll hopefully be able to go back to college next week- three weeks of bed rest are more than enough- it's really getting boring. I tried to go back this week and failed miserably- so I guess you should listen to your doctor most of the times ;-)

Thanks to Leana, my accident or rather the minutes after the accident have been documented. Not my most gracious pictures, but quite impressive:


Obsessedwithlife said...

Oh sweetie-I am SO sorry!!


Michael said...

Did you get your new cycling jersey yet?

I hope your rehab continues to go well!

Let me know how I can help, errr.... 6000 miles away.



rensselaer80 said...

That looks like it really hurt, glad you are making progress on the rehab. I know it will go slower than you expect. Just don't rush it, you need to give yourself a chance to heal. Pretty soon you'll be back on the bike... btw, did it survive the crash?

rensselaer80 said...

This link showed up in an newsletter:

Maybe something worthwhile in there.

Get well.

rensselaer80 said... posted a continuation of that prior article:

How are you doing now? Mostly recovered in hope. Do you remember how the incident happened?

rensselaer80 said...

you won't believe it, read my latest blog entry