Apr. 13, 2008

Curse of the new Yankees stadium... well, almost!

As a Red Sox fan, you can probably imagine my "relationship" with the Yankees. But this is just too funny!

A construction worker planted a Big Papi #34 Red Sox jersey in the new Yankees Stadium and thus planned to curse it. Team officials learned of this rather creative way of making the new stadium unique and then decided to have construction workers jackhammer through the concrete and pull out the jersey. 5 hours of drilling- the jersey in shreds, but it will be sent to the Jimmy Fund, a charity affiliated with Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and auctioned off. So, the Red Sox fan actually did a good thing in the fight against cancer!
Let's just hope Dice-K and the rest of the guys will take that as some extra-motivation to nail his third victory and end the series on a high note!

Okay, Michael, as I would've been very disappointed if you hadn't mentioned the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry, I'll agree on the I-55 series as one of the greatest rivalry in baseball. Just like Buzz Bissinger said, "it's about geography and territorial rights". Let's just skip the first part of the quote


Michael said...

To paraphrase the author H.G. 'Buzz' Bissinger ("Friday Night Lights", "3 Nights in August"), this whole "Yankees vs. Red Sox" rivalry is 'just a couple of high fashion runway models spitting at each other over the last three decades'.

You want a rivalry where the fans have truly hated each other for over a century?

Cubs vs. (my) Cardinals, baby.

EVERYONE hates the Yankees, that is no secret. Of course I'm starting to see many more people starting to feel the same way about the Red Sox too. ;-)

That said, I love the whole plot for this new curse.

BTW, Happy Jackie Robinson Day!!!

Henrike said...

You know I had a feeling you were bringing up the whole Cubs- Cardinals thing ;-)

Can't understand why people would hate the Red Sox, though- I mean the Yankees dominated the whole league and were kind of cocky about it- the Red Sox are nowhere close.

P.S. : What's up with Dirty Thirty's goatee- is that supposed to be a new style?

Nothing surprises me anymore, ever since I heard the Apple guy is interviewing for a job at Microsoft. I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;-)