Apr. 7, 2008

Cathy Bueti: Breastless in the City

"Life can be a wild ride, taking us places we'd rather not go. What differentiates us is how we handle the bumps and jolts, and what we learn from them."

I first got to know Cathy Bueti through her myspace page- we became friends through the side and exchanged comments and thoughts. When the Crazy Sexy Life Forum was introduced, I found her profile there as well, so we started communicating again. I always meant to read her book, but somehow couldn't buy it (long story), and she was kind enough to send me one.

The moment it arrived, I dug into it and couldn't make myself stop. Her story seems to be a never-ending series of challenges, starting with her dad being an alcoholic, her becoming a widow at the age of 25, and being diagnosed with breast cancer around 30. She leads us through that part of her life, about the struggles to make the right choices about her treatment options, not feeling comfortable with your own body and having low self-esteem, loosing your hair... and in the midst of it all, starting to date again. You wouldn't believe the guys she met- unless you read about it, of course. Let's just say, this book will probably make you cry at times, but it'll also make you laugh out loud when you read about experiences you've gone through, as well.

Cathy shares her own fears, weaknesses, and triumphs. The reader follows her to everything from doctor appointments and her blind dates to her first day back at work as an OT, when suddenly she is not the patient anymore.

Today, Cathy is inspiring young cancer warriors, raise awareness for Breast Cancer and is involved in the I'm Two Young For This! Cancer Foundation

If you would like to read more about Cathy, please go to her website CathyBueti.com
and check our her book!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Truth be told, I was just accepted to the LiveStrong Summit in July with a full travel scholarship (very exciting, I know!) but I am really torn. It's 2 weeks after our wedding and so I am just not sure yet.

I really hope you get to go, that would be awesome! (And yes I went to the one in 2006 in Austin.)

Congrats on going back to school! I remember going back after recurrence, it's interesting.

I'm doing good-just busybusybusy-trying to stay afloat! I'm ready to graduate and be done with interior design (it's really not for me!) and get on to more important and fun things :).


Henrike said...

That's a tough decision to make,with it being so close to your wedding. You'd be an awesome addition, though- either way everyone will undestand your decision!

School's been crazy- I never imagined I could be this tired- just have to remember to take things slow and concentrate on the important things.

All the best for your new plans- I read a little about that on your blog- sounds exciting. Hope you can enjoy your last few months of being engaged- with everything that's going on!