Oct. 8, 2007

Off I go...

You won't here a lot from me for the next week, as I'm flying to the US tomorrow and won't be back til Wednesday, 17th. Oh, the excitement- it really gets me just a few hours before the flight and I can't wait to meet all the great people involved and/or participating in the Livestrong Challenge.

To those of you who will be in Austin, as well and would like to meet me, just head to the Livestrong Village. I will be at the LAF booth during registration on Friday (4-8 pm) and on Saturday, probably after lunch.

I just know we'll have a great time and we can celebrate our joined efforts in the fight against cancer- I mean who would've thought the amazing progress that happened in cancer research and treatment?! If we keep on fighting, we'll be able to cure cancer at some point of time in the nearer future- at least that's what we can hope for and work towards.

So, I'll see you in a few days or you can find out about my 2007 Challenge experience after I got back!


Kate said...

You are so amazing and inspiring! I hope you have a wonderful, WONDERFUL time and a safe journey.

I realize you'll be busy, busy, busy, but email me if you have a chance, I'll send you a phone card number to use or you could give me a place to call and I'd love to actually say HELLO and hear your voice! I get free long distance on my cell (in the US).

All my best,
Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

Henrike said...

I'll try to e-mail you during the weekend. Somehow my cell will let me call my parents at home, but I can't reach anyone in the US-strange, but if I find out how to solve this, I'll let you know. Otherwise I'll write you an e-mail with all my experiences in it and some photos, hopefully once I get back. Thanks for being a part of all this, Kate!