Jul. 15, 2007

New eBay items/ training during Tour de France

First of all, I have listed a few more eBay items to get closer to my goal to make it to the Austin Challenge in October. If anyone of you is interested in an item, all you have to do is click on the item's name and you'll be directed to the listing on eBay.

Matthew Modine signed Video: Bye Bye Love

Panini World Cup 2006 Germany Album- complete + Jens Lehmann extra sticker

Starbucks City Edition Coffee Mug- Berlin

Planet Hollywood Coffee Mug- Berlin

Warner Bros. Studio Store Coffee Mug- Berlin

Planet Hollywood Coffee Mug- Paris

Riverdance- The Show Coffee Mug

First day of issue letter - Moon Landing July 20, 1969

During the last years, watching the Tour de France always meant spending the afternoons and weekends in front of the TV, drinking soda and eating icecream. This year is a little different, though.

I carried my stationary bike up to my tiny living room with my mom- the room is now dominated by a bike- but as long as I can still reach my desk and bookshelves, I guess it's all right (with me being a student). So, yesterday I spend 60 minutes on that bike and today I did a 90 minutes session. It's kind of funny, being on your stationary bike while watching pro-cycling athletes climbing hills during the Tour de France. It's definitely less boring than being on that bike in the basement
for an hour or more and staring at pictures of houses that my father used to built.

If I can keep up this kind of training, I should be in pretty good shape by October. Tomorrow the Tour takes a day off and so do I. I'll be at a rock concert downtown with one of my best friends that is part of the Oldenburg "cultural summer" weeks.

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