Jul. 10, 2007

Back in the saddle....

Yep, things are looking good again. I had a check-up following my concussion and the doc said it's okay to start cycing again. Finally! I was getting a little restless, I have to say. So, today I went back on my bike and managed to ride a whole 45 minutes until the rain started again. Man, I hate this so-called summer!! But, it's better than nothing, so I'm quite pleased with myself.

Fundraising is going well, too. I'm close to the $1000 mark, which almost doubles my result from last year. However, I'm still hoping to raise a lot more for this great cause and will continue to do so even after this season. The other participants seem to raise a lot of money, too- the 3 challenges passed the $2.000.000 mark.

There's also some exciting news for the Austin Challenge:

Texans have the opportunity to vote on November 6th to provide $300 million a year over 10 years for cancer research and programs in Texas. Because of this historic opportunity, the 5k run/walk has been changed to October 13th with the ride remaining Sunday, October 14th. Plus, the run will now take place on the Texas Capitol grounds and it'll include a rally in support of the vote. So, registered participants for the ride can now also do the 5k run/walk without any additional costs.

I'm not quite sure if I'll do the run, too, but I'll be there cheering everyone on- that is if I'll get the flight details figured out... I'm still hoping for lastminute flights to be a little less expensive.

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