Jan. 25, 2011

Silent Auction Round 2

There're still 6 days left to bid on a Chris Carmichael signed "28" poster and the Team RadioShack musette , and in honor of World Cancer Day (Febuary 4th), I just uploaded the 2nd silent auction (benefiting LIVESTRONG 100%).
This silent auction is for all of the following items and the package includes (detailed pictures of the items are posted below):
  • 1 Team LIVESTRONG Nike dri-fit hat (distributed to members of the 2010 Team LIVESTRONG who raised at least $500)
  • 1 Team LIVESTRONG shirt, sized either XL or S (winning bidder can chose between those 2 sizes)
  • 1 LIVESTRONG bandana
  • 1 Team LIVESTRONG sticker
  • 3 pins (I'm a survivor, Choose Hope & Cancer sucks)
The current highest bid on the Team LIVESTRONG package is € 18 (approx. $ 24.50) - quite the bargain if you remember that the cap has been awarded only to team members who raised at least $500 :-)

To bid, either leave a comment on this blog or message me on Facebook or Twitter. No additional costs => I'll pay for registered shipping.
If you're in the US, your donation to LIVESTRONG via my fundraising page is a tax-deductable donation (to the extent allowed by law). Thank you for considering a donation and/or bid. Winning bidder will be announced on March 1st, 2011.

Detailed pictures:
Team LIVESTRONG cap (front and back):

Team LIVESTRONG Shirt (front and back; winner can chose between a size XL or a size S):

LIVESTRONG Bandana (plus 3 pins + 1 Team LIVESTRONG sticker):

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