Jan. 16, 2008

2008 Livestrong Challenge

The 2008 Livestrong Challenge series has been officially launched!!! There's a great incentive for people who decide to register as one of the first participants: Today (January 16th) there'll be a $10 discount when you enter the code LSC2008 during the registration process.

The dates are:
Portland, OR – June 29

Bay Area, CA – July 13
Philadelphia, PA - August 24
Austin, TX - October 25-26

In case you plan to participate in the 2008 Austin Challenge, please join our team 08 Cancer Warriors, by going to the LAF website: http://austin08.livestrong.org/cancerwarriors

Just click on the "Join our team" and you'll be led through the registration process. It'd be a great honor to welcome you to the Cancer Warriors Team real soon! Thanks for making a difference in the fight against cancer!!!

If you don't plan to participate in the Challenge, please consider making a donation by clicking on the honor roll button or going to my fundraising account: http://austin08.livestrong.org/henrike

This is my 5th year of fundraising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and to celebrate, every donor will be included in a raffle that will be drawn during the 2008 Austin Challenge weekend.
I'm greatful for each and every amount you can give, whether it's $5 or $100. Prizes include Lance Armstrong and Livestrong items, including books, pens, magnets, shirts, etc. So please help me raise awareness and money for the LAF and make your own personal contribution to help us fight cancer!!!

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